Example of tour

All our tours start from our office in Yurimaguas or Lagunas. You will leave with your own guide inside the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

It is essential to stay minimum 3-4 days inside the reserve to be able to admire the faun and the flora.

One trip of 3-4 days will let you observe a lot of birds, monkeys, crocodiles and many more other animals.

By staying 5-6 days inside the reserve, you will have the opportunity to reach the pink dolphin lake where live these uniques animals. You will discover huger monkeys and some sloths.

If you can stay more than 7 days in the reserve, you will see animals huger and huger. By example, you will discover caymans of 5 meters long  and more... and tapirs.

The luckiest will be able to perceive some jaguars and pumas if you go in the center of the reserve. .

In short, the more you will move away the living areas, the more you will see surprising animals.

Whatever the length of your tour, you will learn to fish following the local Peruvian methods, you will go for a night round to observe the crocodiles hunting and will visit the forest to know a little more about medicinals plants the local population use.

All our tours are made by non motorized boat to preserve the nature and with professional local guides who only speak Spanish.

All the material requested for your entire stay inside the reserve is provided by our agency (mosquito net, mattress, boots,...).

Example of 4days/3nights tour:

  • D1: Arriving at Yurimaguas - Night in Yurimaguas
  • D2: Rapid boat to Lagunas (50 Soles - 6h) – Night in Lagunas
  • D3: Entry inside the reserve – Night in the reserve
  • D4: Reserve Pacaya Samiria - Night in the Reserve
  • D5: Reserve Pacaya Samiria - Night in the Reserve
  • D6: Reserve Pacaya Samiria - Back to Lagunas - Night in Lagunas
  • D7: Rapid boat to Nauta at 8am (12h) or to Yurimaguas (6h) at 6am. If you are going to Iquitos, you will have to take a colectivo from Nauta to Iquitos (1h30)

Even if you will be able to observe the majority of the animals mentioned above, note that we cannot guarantee to see each species. Our guides know perfectly the places where the animals can be viewed but you also need to have a little chance to see all of them. In view of the large number of species, you will also be able to come across other one not mentioned above. In every case, you have to be sure you will live an exceptional trip and unforgettable.

refugio  nutrias  

 Sloth Pesca piranha tapir

If you have specific point of interest, don't hesitate to break us the news. Our tours are flexible tours.

Note that there is no bank in Lagunas, so it is necessary to withdraw money in Yurimaguas or Iquitos.