How to come in Yurimaguas

It is not difficult to achieve Yurimaguas.

From Lima, Trujillo to Tarapoto:

By Bus: Two bus company provide daily flight to Tarapoto.


By plane: Three airlines offer daily flights from Lima to Tarapoto.


Tarapoto to Yurimaguas:

The best way to go Tarapoto to Yurimaguas is "colectivos". You can find these colectivos the center of the city.

Yurimaguas to Lagunas:

Every morning there are boats that connect Yurimaguas to Lagunas. You will sail in your hammock for 12 h to reach the entrance of the reserve at Lagunas. Wonderful experience.

A faster alternative is to go from Yurimaguas to Lagunas with a fast boat (6 hours). Departure every morning at 8:00 Yurimaguas. Departure at 5:00 Lagunas. No hammock is required.

Lagunas in Yurimaguas or Iquitos

After your stay in the reserve, you have the option to either return to Yurimaguas or join Iquitos by boat. A daily connection is provided via speedboat Nauta.


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