Huayruro Tours Lagunas

Discover a familly agency in Yurimaguas / Lagunas

Huayruro Tour Lagunas is an agency located in Lagunas ( input Pacaya Samiria Reserve ) and with office in Yurimaguas. 22 native and professionals guides are working in our agency with one goal : to help you discover our region and all the secrets of the Amazon rainforest in total respect of nature.

We strive to offer you a quality service without falling into the trap of mass tourism . It's been 6 years since we organize tours in the reserve and dozens of visitors have already trusted us .

Start a stay from Lagunas is a cheaper alternative than Iquitos. In addition, given the low number of tourists visiting our region, you will discover a flamboyant nature and have real contact with the people.

Our office is located in Yurimaguas.

"Visiting the reserve is to meet nature in its purest form and discover a world full of richness in flora and fauna. For me, the most impressive is to see the animals roaming free in their natural habitat . "

"Every day, all these animals are partying when their visitors come their way trying to discover the mysteries of the huge Selva where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience observing the monkeys eating in the trees, the birds flying in the sky, . anacondas chasing frogs and also listen to the sounds of terrestrial and aquatic animals overnight For all this, the Pacaya Samiria Reserve is a wonderful place to discover "- Miguel Gonzales. - manager of the agency




Miguel (Huayruro Tours Lagunas)